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St-Viateur Bagel Resources Last updated: July 05, 2023

Here you’ll find our logos and photography. While this page is here to get you started,
you’ll have to submit an application to use our material.

Logo Assets

The St-Viateur Bagel logo consists of four elements: The name “St-Viateur Bagel”, “Montréal”, “Depuis 1957” and the St-Viateur Bagel mascot, Sésame. The first two elements are based a tuned version of Cardo Bold, in all caps, and the third is based on Classic Grotesque. Please use the logo files provided and do not re-create the logo lettering.

Brand Guidelines

The St-Viateur Bagel brand uses two main colours: St-Viateur Bagel Blue, Pantone® 301 Coated, and St-Viateur Bagel Orange, Pantone® 1235 Coated. Of the two colours, the blue is the dominant colour and the orange serves as an accent.

Web #005c97

RGB 0-92-151

CMYK 100-53-4-19

PANTONE 301c / 300u

Web #ffb81c

RGB 255-184-28

CMYK 0-25-94-0

PANTONE 1235c / 1235u

Web #fffdeb

RGB 255-253-237

CMYK 0-0-8-0


We have collected some of St-Viateur Bagel’s favorite photos to make them available to you. Here are some high-resolution photographs that can be used to introduce or promoting St-Viateur Bagel to your audience.

Terms & Conditions

By using St-Viateur Bagel’s logo, you agree to follow St-Viateur Bagel’s Brand Guidelines. When using downloaded photography, we encourage you to credit the photographer. Unauthorized use or misuse of the St-Viateur Bagel logo and assets can result in legal proceedings. If you have any questions, contact us at media‎